We Have Recycled 22621 Books Globally

 We Promote Global Literacy and Education by Donating and Recycling Books.

Recycle Textbooks at RecycleTextbooks.org

RecycleTextbooks.org accepts ALL books. 

Recycle Textbooks wants to find books that people are not using and redistribute these books to locations where there is a real need.   We accept books of all types, including hardcover, paperback, fiction, textbooks, reference and library discards. We accept books in all conditions. We sort each book that comes into our warehouse based on its type and quality.  Most of the books we receive are donated to those in need, or if they are too damaged or obsolete, are recycled.  About 6% of the books are sold to pay for the shipping costs of books that we distribute and to cover our overhead expenses and growth. 

Ship your donations to:


1871 East Wild Willow Lane
Sandy, Utah 84093




How its Works

1. You send us your unwanted textbooks.  

2. We distribute your books to those in need. 

It's as simple as that!